Empress Dowager Pu’er Tea | Loose Leaf / Refill

Experience the regal allure of Empress Dowager Pu’er Tea, a captivating blend inspired by China’s opulent ruler, Cixi. This potent infusion combines High Mountain Menghai Pu’er tea with Ethiopian coffee, doubling the pleasure and invigorating your senses, empowering you to embrace each day with gusto.

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Empress Dowager

Flavoured Pu’er Tea

A powerful brew, complex and seductive like it’s namesake Cixi, one of the most lavish rulers of China. Our High Mountain Menghai Pu’er tea is blended with Ethiopian coffee to bring double the joy and ignite you from within to seize the day.
Tea Format

Loose Leaf / Refill



Tea Origin

Menghai county, Yunnan province , China


Pu’er Tea, Coffee

Hot Brew Instructions

1 tsp loose leaf per 250ml 100°C (212°F) water

  • first infusion: 3mins
  • second infusion: 5mins