Frequently Asked Questions about Interior Design Services

  • What is involved in an interior design consultation? I have never used an interior designer before.

The initial consultation runs for 1-2 hours. We come to you and discuss your project and the scope of the work you require. We bounce ideas on the spot and give advice where we can immediately. From there, we will send you a Scope of Works, with 1-3 packages for you to choose from for us to do the project with you. The difference between each package is how much involvement you want from us. For example, the Silver package would be mood boards for the rooms you want to transform, and from there you run with it. A Gold package would include the mood boards, layouts, fixtures and cabinetry finishes selections. A Platinum package would be all of the Gold, plus trade coordination, product purchase and installation, and a styling session at the completion of the job, with an accessories pull to ensure all the little things are coordinated in to complete the look.

  • Do you only use your suppliers or can we shop elsewhere?

We specify products from our own suppliers – we have over 100 of them! We pride ourselves on not providing a cookie-cutter design service, and our clients do not come to us for that either. Saying that, we will provide a mood board, and this can be used as a ‘style guide’. If you are out and find a chair or cushion that you love, send through a picture and we will advise ‘yes’ or ‘no’. There will always be a logical reason for a ‘no’. A turquoise cushion may just not suit the warm neutral scheme you are going for. At the end of the day, we understand it is your home, not ours, and your comfort and love of all the pieces in it is vital for a successful design.

  • What is a typical budget we should set for furniture and accessories?

This is dependent on the scope of the job, the size of the house, and if you are incorporating existing pieces. We will discuss a budget to work towards if needed, and advise if a given one is realistic to accomplish what you are wanting to or not. It also helps us know which supplies we are going to be looking at for sourcing. Also, consider whether window coverings are to be included in the budget or have their own. These are not to be an afterthought, but part of the overall design.

  • What services do you offer? Is it only full house designs?

We help select fabrics for cushions only or source ready-made ones. If you need a few pieces to finish a space (an Accessories Pull as we call it), we will bring pieces to you and style them up. We can do a revamp of your bookshelves using your own pieces. We can source and specify cabinetry. You may only be in need of a rug and side table and one artwork and we can do this. Or you might be at plan stage and need guidance on specification for window coverings and where to allow for power, what practical elements should be considered. We can select all flooring, paints, furniture, accessories, window coverings, wallpapers and artworks and organise their purchase, delivery and installation. All to make it easy for you!