Winter Warmers

Winter is a wonderful time of year for furnishing your home. As we spend so much more time inside, away from the cold, it’s only appropriate that our homes become a winter haven. There are several trends you can utilise to re-invigorate your home while you hibernate through the cold months and ensure that your home evokes feelings of warmth and comfort.

The popularity of Darker stained timber furniture is on the rise as are the use of rich colours throughout the home. Winter is a time to be bold and inject some colour back into the season. You can easily work bold colours into your home by way of scatter cushions, drapery, rugs or even reupholstering a beloved piece of furniture. We’re currently loving deep Forrest greens and earthy Terracottas and the warmth such earthy tones can bring to your home.

Soft, natural fibres and textural materials such as rugs, chunky knits or (faux) fur create an instant sense of luxury and comfort. Layering pieces ensures that your home remains on trend and creates a sense of depth within a space. Bedding can be layered with the use of quilts and blankets, not only for warmth but also a textural aesthetic to the space, making it much more cosy. A rug under the end of a bed, especially for those without carpet in the bedrooms, is a wonderful space definer and warming for the cold toes.

A great way to achieve a sense of coordination throughout your home is by way of fabric. If you find a fabric you love, the options are endless. Not only can you create items such as custom cushions, but you can take it even further and turn it into a custom lampshade or a quilt or curtains or blinds – whatever you’d like! Creating bespoke pieces sets your home apart from the crowd, and you can have the peace of mind of knowing that you have an item that truly reflects your style.