Winter Trends

by : Jessica McSorley | Interior Designer, Tailored HQ

Winter is well and truly here.

Here at Tailored HQ, a question that we often get asked is ‘what’s seasonally trending?’.

Rather than pull together an accessory list of typical items such as chunky knit throws, sheepskins and woven rugs that are typically associated with Winter, I thought that I would instead focus more on an overall mood board and colour palette.

This winter, we’re seeing a lot of pinks and plums incorporated with darker timbers for a moody aesthetic. There has also recently been a resurgence of beautifully graphic wallpapers, along with items that have an aged appearance.

This winter, you can achieve the look below by choosing luxuriously soft rugs and materials that have a natural warmth to them, such as leather, timber, felt and wool. Pair these softer materials with finishes like distressed iron, aged brass or mirrors with a patina and you’ll achieve a dichotomy that’s both interesting an pleasing to the eye.

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