Top 5 Reasons to hire an Interior Designer

1.You’ll save money

Have you ever been that person that paints a room DIY style only to realise the colours somehow look too beige and too green at the same time? Or maybe you purchased a lounge that looked great in the store but now that it’s in your house it seems much too small? These are problems that you wouldn’t have to worry about when working with a professional. Sure, there is an initial cost for a Design Consult but the time and MONEY it saves you in the long run to avoid making these mistakes in the first place: Priceless.

2. Save time (and a headache)

The days of flipping through magazines is nearly over, but scrolling through pinterest and instagram to find what you’re after are well and truly here. Staying up late at night googling ‘lampshades’ and creating a new pinterest album labelled ‘dream home’ is a fun pastime but no one wants to make researching their second job. With the time that is freed up by employing an Interior Designer, they can do the hard yards for you. The choices can be narrowed down and handed over to you in a fraction of the time it would’ve taken on your own.

3. You get a professional opinion

Our designers have years of training and experience to offer. We’ll be honest with our advice on what will work for your style and your home. We’d rather you buy the option that suits you and your needs as opposed to the most expensive option on the market. We spend the time researching and tailoring our designs to each individual client.

4. Access to better resources and contacts

Designers have access to a whole other world of options with our wholesale suppliers. You then have the ability to fill your home with unique pieces that set your home apart from the crowd. We also have a whole list of highly qualified professionals in other fields that we can recommend including architects, painters, builders & project managers. We can build you a team of professionals to take your home from the bottom to the top!

5. Entertain your friends with pride and confidence

We’ve all done it. We frantically run around the house when guests are coming over, doing our best to make it feel welcoming and inviting, maybe throwing that old blanket over the big rip on the lounge.
It’s not a fun feeling. Imagine if it was all selected and styled for you! Every one of your friends and family will be requesting a grand tour of your new and improved home.