Tips on Custom Furniture (and why you should consider it)

Should you opt for a custom piece or find a ready-made item?

It is a question that is becoming more and more common every day amongst homeowners, especially with compact home designs becoming more prominent and the rise of smarter production methods means that the options really are endless. So what do you need to know about custom products? Here’s a few things to get you started:

What can I customise?

There are endless options for custom pieces and you can go into as much detail or as little as you want. Lounges, Ottomans, Tables, Consoles, Buffets, Beds, Bedheads, Entertainment Units, Rugs, Bedding and much more. If you have an idea, there is someone who can make it happen.

How much will it cost?

In most cases, a custom item will often be more expensive than a comparable ready-made product. Furniture produced in large quantities, or mass-produced are able to cut costs considerably due the bulk scale of production, though often with inferior materials. A custom piece is made from scratch, designed, drawn, approved by all parties and then finally, constructed. All aspects – function and measurements, shape, materials used, final finishing and (if applicable) custom upholstery or custom slipcovers – are carefully determined ahead of time. Understandably, all of that effort can add up. It is more of an investment in a journey, rather than a regular purchase. Select the right design and materials and achieve a high quality piece that seamlessly works in your space, rather than wasting time and money with something that is not right.

Why choose custom over ready-made?

When furniture is made custom to your selections/ requirements it is uniquely yours, representative of your taste and personality rather than dictated by ‘trends’. It will have a story of how it was manufactured and why you selected it. Aside from aesthetics, a custom piece will solve certain spatial and functionality problems that no ready-made equivalent can. Your skirting board is in the way of your bedhead? No worries, we’ll do a cut-out, so that it sits nice and flush against the wall. Narrow lounge room? We can make your custom piece fit perfectly.

There is no “standard” room size so why should your furniture have standard sizing?

Selecting custom furniture gives you a much greater control over the final product and puts you in charge of getting what you want. The materials used will be stronger, more durable, better finished than those used in ready-made items. Chipboard and MDF pieces are replaced with higher quality materials like Australian Hardwood and Cut Slab Marbles, Hand blown glass and more.
The best part about a custom piece is you can say goodbye to flat-packs as you rarely have to put it together yourself.

Quality ready-made products are great, but if you have the option to order a custom piece take a moment to consider the things mentioned above. At the end of the day, purchasing a custom piece is a labour of love. You will always find more joy and pride in an item you helped create. Finding an item specific to you and your requirements, that will last for years to come is a financial and emotional investment that you will not regret.