TicToc Creator Series : Tailored HQ

Ever wondered how three creative minds come together to get that definitive look and design you want to achieve?

The guys at TicToc dropped by and went behind the scenes with Lara O’Donnell, our Founder and Head Designer; along with our team of whizzbang Interior Designers, Jessica Neeson and Caitlin Stevenson.

1. Describe your creative process.

LO: Understanding a client’s aim is key to how I approach their design. What the space is to be used for, who is to use the space and how, determines material selection, colour and practicality. If a client knows what they do or don’t like and can show this through imagery, it helps guide the concept direction.

JN: My creative process also relies heavily on consulting with my client. We go through a serious of in depth questions and keep a consistent dialogue throughout the entire design process. I also rely heavily on inspiration from fellow creatives. I am constantly scouring magazines, blogs, Pinterest and Instagram. I take mental notes of spaces and pieces that I like or that may work for my clients.

CS: Yes, agreed. As tempting as it is to start with the “fun stuff” and run wild with ideas, it’s not always a practical beginning. With interior design, a client comes to us because something is not working in their space – either functionally or aesthetically. I’ve learned to listen and ask many, many questions. Once the foundations are noted down, then you can let your ideas run wild!

2. How do you get unstuck creatively?

CS: When you find yourself bogged down in an idea that isn’t working it can be hard to step back and see other solutions, particularly if you are emotionally invested in the project. I force myself to take a break, take a walk and breathe. Sometimes I take my notepad with me and sketch or take notes if I get a bolt of inspiration. If all else fails, get out the original brief and remember that a simple idea, well executed can be exactly what the space needs.

LO: Ideas come at any time – at 3am or whilst concentrating on another job entirely! My rule – always write your ideas down or take photos and email them to yourself. Inspiration can come from anywhere, so having a collection of images to go to can trigger the creative mind.

JN: Life at times can be chaotic, stressful and overwhelming; so I don’t want my home to feel that way – I prefer a neutral palette. My dream home is a cocoon from the outside world, full of natural light and styled with organic and textural pieces, natural materials and an eclectic mix of old and new. Think woven rugs, chunky woollen throws, linens and timber.

Growing up in the beach town of Newcastle, I developed a deep love for the ocean, so my dream home overlooks the beach. It features a wraparound porch to take in the views and giant windows that allow a gentle ocean breeze to constantly flow through. Salt water scented candles fill the air with the feeling of summer.

CS: Honestly I think I change mine each day! But I suppose there is an underlying theme of dark, bold surfaces, Japanese Cabinetry and joinery. I’d say classic elements with a dash of attitude.

5. For everyday Australians who dream of living in a beautiful space, what, in your opinion, are three design rules anyone can achieve?


1. Cohesion is key. Buy pieces that work together to tell a story. They don’t necessarily have to match or be part of the same collection, but the pieces should all work together and make sense, not oppose each other.

2. Measure! Too many people fall into the trap of buying items that are too big or small for the space. Sit down and draw up your floorplan and where you’d like particular items to go. It will become very clear whether or not the layout you have in your mind works in reality.

3. Consider the area, how do you use it functionally? For example, it’s all well and good to have a beautiful kitchen, but it’s pointless if there’s not enough storage.


1. Say no to clutter. You do not need to cover every surface and every wall. Sometimes the ‘negative spaces’ are what give your hero pieces room to shine.

2. Invest in quality pieces. They last a life time and if you have to save a little to get there, you’re much more invested in the item, you’re confident in your decision and feel more accomplished when you get it.

3. Create little “areas” within your space, that are functional and intimate. It will keep your style and your space cohesive whilst creating a calming environment.


1. Layers! Creating comfort requires layering – rugs, fabrics, textures, art, lighting, accessories.

2. Go big. Rugs are often too small for the space, making it feel smaller. And window furnishings like curtains, for example, can be utilised to make a space feel larger too. Take them to the ceiling, go wall to wall, just take advantage of the space you have.

3. Don’t be afraid of colour. It’s your home, your space. Love where you live.

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