This Seasons Must-Have Fabrics From Unique

by : Caitlin Stevenson | Interior Designer, Tailored HQ

Last week we had a visit from our good friends from Unique, bringing a showcase of the most fabulous fabrics by high-end European brands like Chivasso, Zimmer and Rohde, Etamine, Textilia and of course from Unique themselves.

We are seeing a big swing towards more natural and nostalgic elements; a 1970’s revival with a sprinkle of Bauhaus. Open weave and nettings are continuing to dominate the drapery scene. Fiberous yarns, delicately woven into patterns and textures that feel cozy and homely. These ranges have an emphasis on rustic, earthy textures and are dappled in two-toned yarns to give them that vintage, pre-loved feel.

This vintage theme is reiterated in upholstery fabrics with a big revival of classic chenilles and chunky weaves, mohair velvets and wool felt plains.

To contrast that we are seeing fresh and vibrant textiles in such unbelievable colours that we hope will inspire many of you to be brave when it comes to colour! These are balanced out on a more neutral basecloth so they are easily paired with the greys and beige schemes.

Find your favorite below: