The First Things We Notice for When We Go Into Someone’s Home

It may not be what you expect!

Anyone who’s ever entered another person’s home for the first time can agree that there’s always one or two different things that we first notice. Usually it’s quite subconscious, but it’s something that we all do (whether we admit it or not!). Here are the things our team always pays attention to when going to someone’s place.

Lara: I notice the temperature, which generally means that it’s either too hot or too cold. The home may be tiled and in need of rugs, making it cold, or not have any window furnishings and be sweltering hot. As an Interior designer, my job means that I’m entering hundreds of homes each year. I’m always very appreciative when the temperature is comfortable.

Katrina: I always notice the scent of someone’s house right away. A distinct fragrance always sets the mood and reflects the home owner’s personality. I think you can tell a lot about a person by the scents their attracted to, whether it’s a light and coastal feel from a Coconut Lime scented candle, or a luxurious moody smell using a Leather and Tobacco scent. l and I’m always interested to see what candle brands/scents or other scent-related products people use.

Jessica: The first thing I probably notice (other than the smell, thanks for pinching my answer Katrina!) is the layout and overall aesthetic and cohesion of the home. If it’s laid out beautifully with considered, complimentary pieces I immediately feel at ease. Whereas if furniture is out of place or the colours / accessories / patterns within the space are completely mismatched it can feel a little jarring. It’s a subconscious reaction that I’ve realised over time. I think it comes back to my training as an interior designer, you immediately know what works and what doesn’t.

Caitlin: I take note of the front façade and entryway. Is the garden landscaped beautifully? Is the grass manicured? Is there a path with easy access to the door? (so I don’t dirty my shoes)?
Once I get inside I’m always curious to see how people arrange their entry space. I look for things like whether or not there’s a designated area for shoes, or a place to set down their keys. I notice if there’s a mirror to quickly glance in on their way out the door. Every new home gives me tips and ideas for how to better utilise the space for other clients and in my own home.

Emma: I think I notice the artwork first because it’s (usually) the most colourful aspect in the space. It tells me what their style is, abstract/photography/political etc. It’s offers amazing insight into someone’s personality and can be a great talking point.