The 5 Biggest Home Decor Takeaways I Learned from Working as an Interior Designer

by : Jessica McSorley | Interior Designer, Tailored HQ

Working as an Interior Designer at Tailored HQ has allowed me to constantly update and expand my knowledge on what constitutes successful interior design. Although Interior design itself is incredibly fluid, there are countless tricks and hacks that we continuously implement on each job despite their unique design briefs. Here are the 5 biggest design takeaways that we use daily:

1. Hang Your Curtains High

Let me say it again for the people in the back row, hang your curtains as high as they can go!
Many people make the mistake of fixing their curtains directly above the window, which makes a room feel stunted and closed in.

Here at Tailored HQ, our mantra is Go High, Go Wide. Regardless of your windows position, always hang your curtains as close to the ceiling as possible. Whether it be just beneath the cornice or fixed to the ceiling itself. Hanging the curtains as high as your interior will allow creates the illusion of a much larger scale room and makes a very noticeable difference. Similarly, go past the sides of the windows too. When the curtains are opened, it also allows as much light as possible to filter into the room giving a lovely sense of airiness to the space.

Trust us, you’ll thank us later.

2. Step onto something soft

I think I can be pretty safe in saying that we all love a sense of luxury, am I right?

Our humble opinion here at THQ is that subtle indulgence should start from the moment you get up in the morning. As soon as your feet hit the floor you should be stepping onto something soft, like a rug or sheepskin.

Not only does it set a pleasant tone for the day ahead, it also adds a lovely cosy factor in those cold winter months. For those with hard flooring in a bedroom, place a rug under the end of the bed, ideally three quarters up from the end, ensuing your feet touch it first thing. Not only will it add to the style of the room, but also add insulation to the space. Stylish and practical!

3. Be Aware of Scale and Proportion

This has been touched upon in a previous blog but it’s absolutely worth repeating.
It is essential that you consider proportion and scale when choosing furniture and decor for your home.
As Interior Designers, the biggest mistake that we see over and over again when entering clients’ homes is the failure to measure their space and/or pay attention to the dimensions and scale of the objects they’re choosing. Scale and proportion are arguably the most important aspects of Interior Design. Think of the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears, you can’t choose something too big or too small, it has to be just right.
Helpful tip: Keep a list!

By keeping a running list of items I’m looking for in my phone (I just use a basic memo app) you can save your rooms dimensions and all necessary information right at your fingertips. It’s really handy for if you walk into a store and happen upon what may be ‘the perfect piece’. You are able to check the measurements there and then and ensure that the item will fit into the space. Sometimes the custom option is required to ensure it is just right, and in our opinion it is always worth the investment to ensure the perfect fit!

4. Don’t Fear Bold Colour or graphics

So often we have clients come to us with a design brief of ‘Neutral’. Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely love the simplicity of scaled back interiors. Minimalism (if executed correctly) can be very beautiful, however we often find that the brief is somewhat of a safety net for the clients who are afraid to make the wrong choice.
Our advice is: Do not fear bold colours or graphics!

Whether it be bold wallpaper, colourful rugs, cushions, artworks or curtains, do not hold back! We’re not saying that you should grab a paintbrush and immediately paint your home the colours of the rainbow, just that injections of colour add vitality and life to an interior. It can be a wonderful reflection of your personality and individuality. As a monochromist at heart, learning to embrace colour has completely altered my personal style.

5. Pay attention to the things you see every day

The not-so-glamorous areas in a space are often the things that are overlooked when it comes to design.
If you’re anything like me, you have a designated area by the front door that seems to amass a constant array of ‘stuff’. Keys, wallets, sunglasses, letters etc. Instead of letting it all become one offensively massive pile, I keep it all confined inside a beautiful ceramic tray.

Similarly, my bedside table has a tendency to become overrun by my phone charger and other various cords, glasses of water, books etc. Simple changes such as purchasing a beautiful jewellery box or switching out your glass of water for a more aesthetic carafe can make the world of a difference. Think about how you can make the everyday mundane more beautiful, so that it does not detract from your otherwise beautifully curated space.