Spotlight on our Favourite Rug Supplier : Tappeti

by : Katrina Sandie | Design Consultant, Tailored HQ

To say we love Tappeti is an understatement! This company opens up the doors to a world of creative and endless possibilities to let your mind run wild with rug designs.

There are three simple steps to creating a beautiful and unique Tappeti Rug.

Choose a design, or create a unique design yourself

  • Have you got a design in your mind which you would love to see made a reality? Perhaps you have your heart set on an array of colours, however you cannot find the exact texture and size that you need? Tappeti can create any design from scratch, or otherwise select from their already made styles.
  • Select the Colours, Textures, and Fibres

  • Once you have the design locked in, now is the fun part of choosing your colours and fibres. Perhaps you prefer a beautiful soft and silky feel so you will opt for Viscose, or something a little more resilient like wool and nettle. Even better, we can mix a few colours, fibres, and textures together to create a one-off masterpiece!

  • Size and Shape

  • The final stage is confirming the appropriate size and shape for the room. This could be oval, round, square, rectangle or hexagon. Tappeti will make your rug the perfect size and shape for the space.
  • Once all of the above is decided, Tappeti will send through a digital example image of what you would be exactly expecting as an end result. The best part now is to order your rug and wait patiently for its arrival!

    If this is of interest, do pop into our showroom and talk to an interior designer to explore how we can transform your home or office space with a custom new Tappeti rug.

    Tappeti Rugs available through Tailored HQ. Images featured are from https://www.tappeti.com.au/