Sassi 3D Assemble, Build and Book – Jungle

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So many creatures live amidst the dense tropical vegetation, trees and vines?of the jungle: sweet sloths, funny monkeys, colourful parrots, powerful
gorillas and fearsome predators. Assemble the set as you like by inserting?the elements you choose, and have fun learning about the inhabitants of the
jungle! The world of the jungle is waiting for you. Are you ready to go on an?adventure?

You can assemble this 41 piece set in countless ways. Seven cardboard animals?are waiting to go on an adventure with you!

This set comes with assembly instructions for easy construction and moveable pieces and a 6?page hardback book. Great packaging makes this a perfect gift.

Model: 22 x 25 cm

This product is FSC Certified.

Age: 3+

Weight 1.5 kg