Champagne Flute


Our?handmade Champagne Flute makes bubbles taste better!?Made in Morrocco from recycled glass, these tabletop beauties will have you saying cheers!

This handmade product has been manufactured in Morocco since 1940. In June 2013, the last glass factory in the country, Sover, put the key under the door, leaving customers and employees in a state of abandonment. The Beldi family came to the rescue, restarting production in a modern factory, built with old teams of Sover artisans inside the Beldi Country Club.

Handblown from locally recycled glass manufactured using a proven process for over half a century.

Dishwasher safe.

Please note: this is a handmade product and as such shows the little marks and character of an artisan made piece. This may include small bubbles, discolouration and unevenness in the glass.

H | 17cm
D | 5cm

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