Outdoor Curtains? Yes, it’s a thing and it’s fabulous!

by : Katrina Sandie | Design Consultant, Tailored HQ

Have you heard of outdoor curtains? It’s a concept which we are quite familiar with at THQ. As we all lean further into the design trend of “bringing the outside in”, textile houses are producing fabrics that are stunning to look at and even better to touch.

When should I think about using outdoor fabrics?

·  Outdoor canopies and cabanas, especially around pool areas

·  Bathrooms and wet rooms

·  Living close to the ocean with salty sea spray hitting your windows and doors

·  Combined indoor / outdoor living areas

·  Older homes where there is a history of mildew or mould has been a concern

·  Exposure to extreme heat and sunlight where a heavy duty fabric is required

·  Easy care and maintenance is essential

Gone are the days where outdoor fabrics are hard, scratchy and only available in primary colours. Today’s technological advances with materials and resources have allowed outdoor fabrics to stand confidently next to the premium array of silks, linen, and cotton in soft pallets and striking patterns. Not only are they beautiful to look at and easy to maintain, they are soft and comforting to feel and enjoy!

Benefits of outdoor fabrics:

·  Ultra-durable

·  Guaranteed to last with warranty

·  Incredibly easy to maintain

·  Environmentally friendly

·  UV and Fade Resistant

·  Water and Stain Resistant

·  Mould and Mildew Resistant

·  Breathable Comfort

·  Sun Protection

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