When it comes to designing the interior of your home, there are no set rules. You can create a space that perfectly suits your needs and reflects your personality. In this blog post, we’ll look at one of our big projects recently this year.

We designed the curtains of this large architecturally designed home on the lake which has a lot of natural light.  We wanted it to be a clean, modern look with a touch of elegance. A dark sheer with pearlesscence will allow you to see through but not too much so that your privacy is not compromised during the day or evening hours when someone might come by unexpectedly! We also added some extra features like double-curtain fabric which effectively blocks out any light from entering behind them while still letting enough glow through for atmosphere purposes. We did motorize every curtain in this house which can be controlled via an app on the phone as well as the roller blinds.

To pull all of the rooms elements together, we specified a rug from our collection called Opulence 3x4m. This particular rug happens to be 25% off in our showroom at the moment if you also love the look. Click here to see more details on this rug.

Below we specified the gorgeous prints from Urban Road which speak for the rooms, the upholstered chairs in charcoal, TV unit, cushions, side tables and accessories.

The hallway has fine sheer to break the sun and add a little bit of texture to a very hard surface space. With walls and tiles everywhere, it is necessary to add a textural element to make them feel more
comfortable in the home.

The windows from this part of the house are angled, so the best way to ensure that the roller blinds are straight when coming down and up is by staggering them. And in front of it, has a built-in pelmet to hide the awkward staggered lines on top of the windows so that when someone looks up, they will only see the bottom of the blinds and won’t notice any staggering from the ceiling. These are a few things one needs to consider for window coverings in the design process to make a home look professionally

This theatre-in-the-house has a stunning velvet curtain that we have made using sections to follow the line of its stairs. The curtain gives the room that full theatre experience as well as having the functionality of blocking out the window which is hidden behind the curtain.

The pool room is located near the entrance and we wanted to add a little fun to it. We picked some quirky large-format artworks from Urban Road. The art pieces are a large scale so they’ll pop in your space and add character when combined. It’s perfect for any fun occasion or just simply relaxing on the weekends.

These dining chairs were purchased by the client but they did not look good in the space because of their brown colour. So we cleared them in new material in outdoor fabric for durability. No longer will they need to worry about the kids ruining their new fabric coat!

These cushions are made from one of our beautiful suppliers, Bandini. They do an excellent job at layering materials to give you that textured look and fits perfectly on the back deck.

The sunroom was given an Arte wallpaper from Unique Fabrics. The locally made in Melbourne, Ross Gardam Lamp we chose adds texture and harmony when paired together!

The custom-made Roman blind from BQ is made from the same fabric as the curtains in this house which is also a nicer way to dress a window. It’s lined with a blackout lining and when it’s up, it’s fitted above the window creating its own pelmet that dresses the window.

The bathroom window has a double motorized roller blind for privacy. It also features an elegant sheer screen that can be used during the daytime, as well as the translucent one to cover up at night time so you will feel more comfortable with the privacy it provides.

Overall, we used a combination of light and heavy fabrics to create a sense of warmth and privacy. The result was a beautiful, stylish home that our client loves.

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