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Well, 2022 is here and although it has not kicked off exactly as we were all hoping, we thought we would share our BEST tips and inspiration from our Interior Designers here at HQ to help make your home office your own creative hub and sanctuary. 
As most people have had to utilize a corner in a room of their home (hopefully out of access from their little ones), we wanted to keep these tips as real and practical as possible for most of you!  

1. Select a space in your home that has lots of natural light as well as less distractions 

Easier said than done sometimes with apartment living being so popular and the pricing of housing going up, however if you can find a small spot in your home with a lot of natural light along a little bit of privacy then this will make all the difference for you feeling energised and focused during your day! 

If you are sharing a space with your other half or family, you could even look into divider screens to create a sense of “do not disturb” whilst on that important phone call!  

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2. Think of what you need to optimise your work day and ergonomics 

Pending on what your line of work is, it is important to think about what you actually need in your area to make your day as efficient as possible.

This could be room for double screens for analysing data, lots of under desk storage to keep your space tidy and organised, an easily accessible and visible weekly and monthly planner, shelving with folders to keep all of your files organised, white boards and pin boards to keep track of targets and goals!

Furthermore, ergonomics are no longer a luxury as we are spending so much time at your desk. Comfortable chairs as well as possible stand up desks are a great start. It is worthwhile investing in your office space so that you are organised as well as protecting your health while you work. 

Don’t forget to have that favourite coffee mug and water jug also next to you to keep you going and hydrated all day! 

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3. Make your space personalised by adding colour, decorations, and greenery

The great thing about being able to work from home is that you can create the ideal workspace that you love being at each day – weird quirks and all! 

Into LEGO? Put your latest prized LEGO creation on your desk to cheer you up and inspire you! How about photos of that incredible family holiday you went to bring a smile to your face? That artwork or poster that brings you joy – hang it up above your computer. Surround (not clutter!) your area with items that make you happy. 

One key tip from us is that colour can make you feel different emotions. Ideally our home office space will make you feel energised, calm and ready to take on any project. Therefore, as a general rule, we recommend using natural and earthy tones such as soft blues and subtle greens to evoke these feelings.

Adding greenery can also make a space feel very inviting and alive. Look into plants that require little maintenance such as Peace Lily’s and succulents. If your a green thumb, then go wild with your plant selections – again do whatever makes you happy! 

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If you would like some more advice on how to set up your home office space so that it is functional as well as aesthetic, please call or email our designers and we would be more than happy to guide you in the right direction.