How to Style Your Shelves Like a PRO!

by : Katrina Sandie | Design Consultant, Tailored HQ

Shelving in any room is a huge focal point and so important to a room to create personality. It is a chance to showcase your favourite decorator pieces and sentimental collections. But how do you know when you’ve got enough on display? And how do you make sure it doesn’t look like a hoarder’s heaven? We have put together some hints and tips below to help you get started in your home!

Firstly. gather all your favourite possessions (such as the floor) and lay out so that you can see everything together.

Now start with your larger items and books. These should be evenly spaced out across your shelves to create a symmetrical and balanced feel. Make sure that all the colours and tones of the items complement each other. Try to stick to two or three complimentary colours at most otherwise your shelves may run the risk of looking too busy.

Furthermore, try to stick to either warm or cool tones for your metalics. For example, if you have brass and gold tones perhaps stay clear of silver and chrome vice versa.

Arrange your favourite books in sets of two or three, placing them evenly on the shelves. If the book spines clash against your colour scheme, then place them towards the wall and let the paper pages’ shine at the front!

It is now time to add your favourite personal photos, artworks, and smaller items. Arrange these in a way which nests in with your books and larger items to create small “stories”. Ideas which would work beautifully are items such as your child’s artwork from school (framed), photos of travel, and small artwork finds at your local flea markets. You don’t have to spend a lot on artworks for it to be visually effective!

Don’t forget to layer in a little bit of texture for a more interesting space. This could include leather display boxes, unique shells found at the beach, timber bowels, cane baskets, rope arranged into a sphere, foliage, fresh flowers or stick arrangements.

Lastly, while working on your shelves, please keep taking a step back to take it all in and revaluate. If your shelves are looking too full, then simply remove a few pieces and keep adjusting. The beautiful thing is that you can keep changing your shelves up when you feel like it, say with a new season or if you find a beautiful new piece to showcase.

Just remember, anything that makes you smile… put it on your selves. This is all about you and your home! We put together a few examples below found on Pinterest that we love.

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