How to care for your Candles (Plus My Favourite Inoko Scents)

by : Jessica McSorley | Interior Designer, Tailored HQ

Brrr…I think that we can say that winter has well and truly arrived. With this cold, wet and windy weather, I know that all I want to do is curl up at home on my sofa in my pyjamas with a hot cup of tea and a beautiful candle burning. There’s something so lovely about a gorgeous scent floating through the air and letting the ambient lighting and warmth saturate the room. It’s good for the soul!

Given that my love of candles borderlines on obsession (just ask my Husband), I thought I’d share a few of my favorite scents that we have available to purchase in store, as well as some helpful tips on how keep your candles in the best shape and extend their lives for as long as possible:

Trim the wick
The golden rule to abide by when you first open-up a new candle is to trim the wick. Ideally your wick should be approximately 1/8 inches high and should be trimmed approximately every 4 hours of burn time. Failure to trim the wick means that you’ll have a larger flame which results in the dreaded ring of soot around the side of the candle, that I so often see. To avoid any issues, simply extinguish the flame, let the candle return to room temperature and then trim the wick before relighting. Easy Peasy.

Follow the recommended burn-time
This is a step that so many people disregard, but it’s SO important to do if you want to get the most out of your candles. Every candle will come with a recommend initial burn time. I am absolutely religious about burning my candles for at least two hours at a time (or longer for larger candles) so that the wax will melt all the way to the edge. Doing this means that you will get a lot more use out of your candle. If you extinguish the candle before the wax has melted right to the edge, it will create a smaller ring in the middle. This means that the next time you light the candle it will only expand to that smaller area and burn down from there, resulting in many less hours of burn time – you might as well be burning a smaller candle.

Use a candle snuffer
I used to think candle snuffers were relatively pointless and just another unnecessary purchase. But in the recent months, my opinion has changed. If you’ve ever had a candle burning for hours, resulting in a beautiful aroma wafting throughout the house, only to blow it out resulting in the smell of smoke, you know how disappointing that can be. By using a candle snuffer, you put the flame out instantly, allowing the scent to linger just a little longer. You also avoid splattering wax on the edges of the vessel (bonus!).

Re-use the Vessel
As an advocate for waste reduction, I’m a big fan of repurposing candles after they’ve been used up. I’ll generally scrape out the small amount of wax remaining and then soak the vessel in warm soapy water. You then have a lovely jar for trickets. If you’re particularly crafty, you could even re-use the vessel to pour your own wax into and make your own bespoke candles.

Alternatively, you could look at a brand like Inoko, who have created stunning vessels and separate candle refills so that your vessel will last a lifetime.

Burn different scents based on the time of year
I love how certain smells can bring back memories and remind us of the seasons.
For example, I know that as soon as I smell Jacaranda, Spring is officially here. Similarly, the smell of salt in the air defines Summer and earthy woodfire smells hail the coming of Winter. I like the candles that I burn around my home to reflect the transition between the seasons. In the colder months, I prefer heavier aromatic scents with woodsy notes or hints of black tea. I then transition to lighter, fruity and floral scents in Spring and Summer. Not only is it a nice way to delineate the time of year, but it also gets me excited anytime it’s time to retire one scent and pull out the next.

Favourite Inoko scent for Autumn: Amber and Burnt Fig
Earthy amber base notes, mixed with fresh fig and delicate warm spices.

Favourite Inoko scent for Winter: Leather and Oud
A masculine blend of citrus and basil top notes, paired with the balsamic, woody notes of Oud, and base notes of leather and cedarwood.

Favourite Inoko scent for Spring: Parisian Blush
A fresh and piquant lime-blossom, nestled amongst green foliage with hints of sultry jasmine, honeyed-rose and star anise

Favourite Inoko scent for Summer: Lychee and Peony
An Asian inspired fruity-floral fragrance blending the delicate freshness of lychee with the subtle softness of Peony.

All Photos sourced from : https://www.inoko.com.au/