Get The Look: Jewel Tones

Jewel Tones

It’s an end of an era; goodbye millennial pink! As this trend finally leaves, it’s time to introduce the latest thing, jewel tones. Rich and luxurious, this trend is here to stay. It doesn’t matter if you love or hate the trend, you’re going to be seeing it everywhere. Here’s how you can incorporate the trend into your home (without looking like a trend follower).


Start Small

If you’re feeling a bit unsure of how to inject the jewel tones into your home, you can always start by scattering some velvet cushions on your couch. Choose from deep purples (not the band), bottle greens or royal blues. These colours can offer depth to a neutral-based canvas, and are the perfect way to inject a sense of “royalty” to your living room. If you already love your scatter cushions and you don’t want to part with them, why not inject the colour into your bedroom with a new doona cover? Doona covers are a great way to introduce a new theme into your home, without too much of an investment to the trend.


A blue velvet lounge adds luxury to this setting

50 Shades – Go All the Way

If you’re feeling a bit wild, why not go all the way? Adding a jewel tone couch to your living room, or a new splash of colour to the walls can really change the vibe of the room. You don’t have to make your room look monochromatic, in fact, don’t go monochromatic. Monochrome tends to make rooms look smaller. Instead, opt for varying shades of the same colour, which creates further depth to a room. If you love royal blue, why not choose shades of pale blues, mixing textures and finishes, which in turn will create a rich tapestry of shades, providing depth to your room. Experiment with different shades, and even venture into other jewel shades, such as ruby, turquoise, sapphire, or emerald. The options are endless, and they can make your home feel much more luxurious, in an instant.


Go On, Live A Little

If you’re trying to create a statement, but don’t want to refurbish your entire home, why not paint a feature wall? Feature walls add zest, life and energy to a room, plus they’re low maintenance. Choose from navy blues to enhance a large space, or greens to add a luxe feel to your room. If you’re not feeling 100% about painting an entire wall, why not put up a screen or divider? These are great alternatives to painting an entire wall, plus they’re portable, so you can easily move it around if you change your mind.


This trend will be in full force soon, so expect to be surrounded by jewel tones for a long time. There are so many ways to incorporate the trend into your home, without making it look gaudy or tacky.


Ally Feiam is the marketing & content creator for MyDeal, an online marketplace with over 25,000 products.