Pettigrew Family Funerals 2

We worked with the Pettigrew family to provide curtains for their amazing new and very large funeral site at Mayfield West. Understanding the softness a curtain can provide to a space, the large wall of over 17m x 4m of curtains was designed purely for this reason. Understanding the nature of the use of the function space – predominantly the wake – a combination of calming elements is required.

A geometric patterned fabric was selected and added an extra element of depth to the space. The scale of the curtains ensured the pattern wasn’t overwhelming. The same curtains were installed on the windows, reducing the view to neighbouring houses and traffic without removing the connection to the garden beyond.

In the Chapel, a creative solution to fixing tracking to an aluminium wrapped steel beam was required, at height. The sheers in this area removed the distraction of the houses and traffic beyond, which were directly behind the coffin area. Working with the existing curtains beside and the roof colour, a soft sheer was used to ensure elegance and tranquillity continued in this space.

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