Vamp Cosmetic Clinic

We were brought onto the Vamp Cosmetic clinic project through SDA & Skelcon, to provide the curtains for the space. Working in collaboration with the architects and builders allowed for the vision of the client come to life.

Black is the theme, however ensuring natural light coming in and privacy was key. The Sheer in use is a true black, with a 15m run along the Eastern wall. This sheer allows for clients and staff to see out during the day, but walkers by not to be able to see in.

The procedure rooms have sliding glass doors. And whilst opaque, weren’t sufficient privacy/protection. We provided the solution of Motorised roller blinds, that have a rechargeable battery motor. These are controlled with a remote and have no restriction on the operation of the doors. Keeping them black and adding in black powdercoated headboxes ensured they are minimal and in keeping with the theme.

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