Curtain Care : 101

We get alot of questions from clients about curtain care and many people think they are high maintenance, which is simply not true!

They are simple to maintain with a little love. So, to ensure you get the maximum life out of your curtains we’ve collated a few tips and tricks that anyone can do, but they will extend the quality and appearance of your curtains for years to come.


Always check care labels. Every fabric has different fiber compositions that make up each thread. Knowing what your drapery fabric is made from will give you a good indication of how it will behave when washed, crushed, exposed to salinity or UV, how it handles moisture etc. In knowing that information, you can make an informed decision about how to clean and maintain it.


If you prefer to keep things light and bright inside and want to invest in sheer curtains, consider a double track and combine them with a lining. Not only does this reduce the effects of the sun, and provides privacy as well. So give them their best chance at life by always using a good quality lining.

Where possible, we recommend extending your curtains past the window a little to allow the curtains to stack back off the window as much as possible to lessen the effects of UV.

If you already have lining but it is looking a little sub-par, consider replacing it. An old lining will be less effective at blocking out light and replacing it will provide optimal insulation in winter and summer to assist in heating/cooling.


Give them a gentle shaking as they are drawn closed at night. This will agitate and dislodge any dust and dirt that may have built up over the day. If you notice larger particles, then grab a lint roller and give the curtain a quick once over. This will prevent any nasties from lodging in the fibres.

Every month or so, particularly if you have indoor pets, vacuum with a handheld vacuum and soft brush attachment. Use the low suction setting if your vacuum has one. Always make sure that trims, buttons and other embellishments are secure before vacuuming.


Regularly open the windows to encourage airflow to and minimize the chance of odour particles getting trapped in the fabric. Fumes from chimneys, auto exhausts, open fires, gas fires, stoves, or wherever combustion is present, produce a stale odour. This matter is absorbed by or clings to the furnishing fabric and contributes to discolouration and deterioration of the fabric. In any room where tobacco is smoked, the fumes will cause a yellow/brown stain on most fabrics.

If you wish to use a fabric freshener, always do a patch test on an inconspicuous area first.


For most small spots and stains, a damp cloth or sponge with soapy water should do the trick, if the problem is more of a larger build up then you may want to get a bucket and follow the care guide to hand wash the bottoms. Leave them on the track and take the bucket to them, dip them in and swirl a little and then squeeze as much water out as possible. Leave them to air dry in situ.


Many professional cleaning companies offer services for drapery and we recommend professional cleaning every 12-18 months to remove the dust and dirt that vacuuming cannot. It never hurts to have a chat to the experts as they will have the knowledge to make sure the job is done right.

Lastly, don’t forget your tracks! While your curtains are off for cleaning, wipe down the rods and fittings with a soft cloth or give them a once-over with the vacuum cleaner. This will ensure the runners are moving smoothly and not getting caught on built up grime.

With a little regular care, your drapery will look better for longer and retain that new-home feeling long after they have been installed.

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