Our Latest Obsession : Acoustic Sheers!

by : Katrina Sandie | Design Consultant, Tailored HQ

Why considering acoustic curtains for your commercial space is a great idea?!

Need to reduce noise vibrations in your commercial premises, yet still wish for your space to look and feel beautiful and inviting for clients? We have some great news for you!

Evolving technologies are changing the way which designers are able to manipulate spaces to suit not only the functional requirements for commercial premises, yet still importantly adding warmth, style, sophistication, and personality allowing clientele to feel comfortable and welcome.

This is also the case when it comes to soft sheer curtains and drapes. Thanks to the experts, a new technology has been developed allowing noise can be neutralized or absorbed by up to 80% and still allow natural light to filter through and soften the space with flowing fabric. Furthermore, this fabric technology assists with retaining its coolness and heat which in turn is great for energy efficiencies.

A major win for all design conscious business owners!

In summary, by using acoustically rated sheers and drapes:

  • Absorb noise by up to 80%, allowing more customers to enjoy their time for longer in a more peaceful surrounding.
  • Assist with protecting and preserving your interior furnishings from harsh sunlight
  • Help with energy efficiency and reduce your energy bills by reducing sunlight and moderating temperatures
  • Add depth and texture by softening your space with beautiful draping fabric on your walls
  • Please come in and speak to one our specialist consultants for more information if you are interested in acoustic solutions for your business. you can click here to schedule an appointment with us.

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