A Secret To Styling A Home

by : Lara O’Donnell | Head Designer, Tailored HQ

We’re seeing a braver use of colour in larger pieces such as curtains and bedheads. These are a great way to inject colour.

Don’t be afraid of colour – no matter the season. Colour doesn’t have to mean bright pops. We’re loving the use of navy and hunter greens. These deep colours can be lightened or darkened by what is around it. Using autumnal colours such as browns, ambers and bronzes in accessories subdues these rich colours whilst bringing a classic and timeless feel.

Consider charcoal grass weave wallpaper, deep navy curtains behind a dark green leather lounge and bronze accent pieces, for example. This combination is nothing overly bold, just layers the space with complementary colours that aren’t all part of the neutral spectrum. As long as you think about the combination of the colours and pieces as whole within the space, you can afford to bring these colours through the home.

If you have the main furniture pieces in your home, consider updating or adding to your art collection. Art is an important aspect in a space and changing it is a great way to update seasonally.

Not only can the pieces themselves be changed, but the arrangement of them too. You can mix new with the existing pieces, canvases with framed prints. Mix frame types and sizes. Change the frames, especially if they’ve been the same for 10 plus years. Your artworks will be revitalised and you may actually look at them in a new light. We see a lot of pieces where the artwork’s frame draws the focus due to the matting being coloured and the frame being very detailed or coloured.

In some cases, a simple change to a white matting and a black frame draws the focus back to the piece itself, allows it to be repositioned in the space, bringing a fresh eye to the loved piece. What was once old and ignored is new again! Using wall to wall, ceiling to floor curtains to utilise space to its best advantage – go wide go high.

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